“Truth is, the system sounded better with the Clearaudio Universal than with any other tonearm I have used.” – Jack Roberts, Dagogo USA

OPTIONS: Universal 12 Silver


The Universal 12 is the ultimate version of Clearaudio’s finest pivoted tonearm, developed especially for the Innovation series turntables. Clearaudio has been the leader in tangential tonearm technology and the advantage of a 12” radial tonearm is that its groove tracing characteristics are closer to that of a linear arm. Adding length will increase mass, so the Universal 12 features an elongated three-piece, telescoping, carbon fiber arm tube.  This reduces resonances through varying the armtube's diameters while adding rigidity to this extremely low-mass material. Its vertical and horizontal ball bearing assembly is precision-machined to ultra-high tolerances.

The Universal 12 comes with easily interchangeable, multiple counterweights, allowing you to optimally position the mass close to the pivot point. The counterweight is underslung providing an optimal center of gravity and allowing fine adjustment of the tracking force. Its aluminum one-piece headshell provides a stable mounting platform for your phono cartridge and allows for accurate azimuth adjustment to maximize stereo separation. The magnetic anti-skating force is mechanically decoupled and adjustable by way of a locking thumb screw. 

The internal copper wiring is Clearaudio’s best Six Stream cable, as found on their Statement TT-1 tonearm. One continuous run from cartridge clips to RCA outputs assures superior signal integrity, ideal for all high-quality moving coil cartridges. 

The Universal 12 is available in a choice of silver carbon or black carbon with matching aluminum finish, making it both the visual and sonic match to our Innovation series turntables.