“The Clearaudio...Stradivari V2 cartridge...took the listening experience…to another level…and in many cases extracting and revealing information or details that I’d hadn’t previously heard.” – Julie Mullins, The Absolute Sound USA

“Superb tracking and suppression of surface noise…ideally mediates warmth and detail, control and relaxation, liveliness and listenability, at virtually no sacrifice to tonal neutrality.” - Paul Seydor, The Absolute Sound USA


The ebony wood bodied Stradivari v2.1 MC cartridge is a best seller in our selection. It is a top choice for the Performance DC AiR Wood with Tracer, a great way to get into an Innovation Series with Universal tonearm, or a means to elevate any turntable to the Clearaudio class. It combines all of the advancements of our original symmetrical generator patent with our “flower power” twelve-finger body design, all at v2.1 performance levels.

The v2.1 generator is mechanically, magnetically, and electrically symmetrical, placing the dual  24-karat pure gold air-core coils inside a ring of 8 super neodymium magnets. Precise parts selection and grading within the generator produce an added refinement and delicacy. The twelve-finger design of the mounting plate, each finger with a different radius, features the v2.1 tapped metal inserts, with the ebony wood adding fullness and weight. 

Clearaudio was one of the first cartridge manufacturers to use a solid boron rod cantilever and continue to utilize them over 40 years later. As found on all v2.1 MC cartridges, our new clearaudio Prime Line stylus provides enhanced trackability with its hybrid parabolic geometry and reduced tip mass.