“In terms of sound, it captivates with its distinct definition and liveliness.” – Matthias Böde, Stereo Germany

“Thus sophisticated sound images of high quality emerged…with structured differentiation on the broad stage as well as convincing definition down to the lowest registers.”  – Matthias Böde, Stereo Germany


Sharing key design and construction features with our Innovation Wood model. the Innovation Compact Wood turntable is a high-mass design featuring our 70mm-thick, dynamically-balanced POM platter.  The optimally designed tri-star chassis, a combination of Panzerholz with aluminum skins and pods, minimizes resonance in the audible range while delivering maximum stability via the added mass. The Innovation Compact Wood uses a taller version of Clearaudio’s patented CMB (Ceramic Magnetic Bearing), magnetically levitating the larger platter on an inverted bearing attached to a low-friction ceramic shaft.

Clearaudio’s custom high-torque 24v DC motor and Optical Speed Control (OSC) combine with the high mass platter and CMB for excellent speed stability. The Innovation Compact Wood  features a second tonearm mount and is available in silver or black aluminum with Natural or Piano Black Lacquer panzerholz wood.

The Innovation Compact Wood delivers a sense of heightened dynamics and effortlessness, creating a very alive sound, by virtue of its unique technology and added mass. It can accommodate multiple 9” or 12” tonearms including both the Tracer and Universal radial designs.