"One of the best moving-could cartridges yet, with outstanding tracing and tracking…Top 100 Products 1973-2013…”  – The Absolute Sound 40th Anniversary Issue Editors Choice Awards USA

“The V2 was a very good cartridge indeed, but its replacement represents a step-change in performance, making it not just the best Clearaudio (by far), but one of the best cartridges ever.” – Roy Gregory, HiFi +   UK

“…the Goldfinger takes control of the listening session and your musical soul…just one drop of the needle and you know that you are in store for something special.” – Mike Malinowski, 6 Moons Audio USA


The Goldfinger Statement v2.1 is Clearaudio’s flagship phono cartridge, elevating Peter Suchy’s original cartridge patent and the sound of a vinyl LP to new heights. It is included with our Statement turntable and is the top choice for our Master Innovation and Innovation turntables. Look no further for a world-class moving coil cartridge.

The Goldfinger Statement v2.1 goes beyond our V2 designs, eight magnets are meticulously matched to create a homogenous flux field to accurately translate the groove modulation into an electrical signal. The dual generator coils are precisely wound using pure 24-karat gold wire around an air core, eliminating ferrous materials that add unwanted mass and magnetic inconsistencies. The moving coil’s significantly reduced moving mass within the focused and efficient magnetic field results in increased dynamic range and ultra-high resolution of the finest musical details. The Goldfinger Statement v2.1 features the new Prime Line stylus.

True to its name, the Goldfinger Statement v2.1 is machined from 14-karat gold to provide high mass and excellent damping against resonance. The Goldfinger Statement v2.1 is also the first moving coil cartridge in the world to integrate electromagnetic field (EMF) shielding of the generator assembly, isolating unwanted noise contamination. As a finishing touch, the Goldfinger Statement v2.1 features a ½-karat diamond mounted in the front of the body.