“I haven’t heard any component that exceeds the Statement…because what is does is so new and so emotionally satisfying…" – Harry Pearson, The Absolute Sound USA

"… I am confident that you will be floored by how much the Statement and TT1 will add to your enjoyment of music at home. I know it’s cliché, but with the Statement you will truly rediscover your records.” – Donald Saltzman, The Absolute Sound USA

“Clearaudio’s Statement is, without any shadow of a doubt, the finest turntable in the world.” – Greg Borrowman, Australian Hi-Fi


The Statement turntable is the only world-class super high-end turntable system in continuous production since 2005. The Statement V2 magnetically levitates its massive POM/stainless steel platter, accurately spinning it via its non-contact magnetic drive system while self-leveling the entire turntable with its integral pendulum gyroscopic base. At 770lb, it makes a visual statement and with the TT-1 tangential tonearm and Goldfinger Statement cartridge, it achieves the most entertaining, involving, and realistic reproduction of music from a vinyl LP.

The Statement V2’s complex stand is built from several levels of Panzerholz sandwiched between stainless steel plates and separated by stainless steel pillars. This massive construction supports the main turntable and pendulum to provide unparalleled isolation from both self-generated and outside vibrational energy. The uppermost level contains the sophisticated control electronics and control panel, a Real-time speed control and active blue LCD display and touch selection of start/stop/speed selection and fine pitch control.

At the top of the stand, a massive stainless-steel platform, comprised of two heavy plates laminated together with a high-performance damping material, houses the gyroscopic bearing. The 80kg pendulum "floats" in the gyroscopic bearing effectively self-leveling the entire upper turntable in conjunction with oil damping devices.

The Statement’s magnetic drive system isolates the stylus in the groove with its no contact, multiple platter drive system. The Drive platter is belt-driven by an ultra-low vibration motor, controlled by a built-in micro-processor that checks the speed 7,000 times each minute to ensure absolute speed stability. The Drive platter magnetically couples to the Driven platter using a ring of magnets, one in the top of the Drive platter and the second ring in the bottom of the Driven platter, with no actual contact between these 2 platters.

The Main platter is connected to the Driven platter by a special diamond-coated version of Clearaudio’s patented Ceramic Magnetic Bearing (CMB). The V2 Main platter is manufactured from POM (polyoxymethylene) and incorporate a stainless steel flywheel at its base for mass damping and ultimate speed stability. The top outmost edge of the Statement V2’s Main platter is machined to incorporate the Clearaudio Outer Limit stainless steel peripheral record clamp. This ensures that the record is completely coupled to the massive platter and flat.

The Statement record clamp, designed for the Statement V2 turntable, is made from Panzerholz and stainless steel. It features a special three-point contact with the record label, reducing vibrations generated from the stylus as the LP playback.

The Statement V2 system includes the Clearaudio TT-1 linear tracking tonearm and Goldfinger Statement cartridge. Two more pivoted tonearms such as our Universal 12” can be added.

Total weight is 350 kg (770 lbs.) and it is available in piano black lacquer or natural wood finishes, black or silver anodized aluminum, black POM, clear acrylic, and stainless steel.