“An engineering masterpiece, one of JV’s references, and now TAS’ 2019 Turntable of the Year.” - The Absolute Sound USA

“With high-quality recordings, the Master Innovation turntable and Statement TT1-M1 tonearm are…among the very best record players that any amount of money can currently buy…” - Jonathan Valin, The Absolute Sound USA

"The Master Innovation is much more than just a heavy-duty turntable, it is a marvel of modern day technology." - Constantine Soo, Dagogo USA


What sets the Master Innovation Wood apart from its competition: its state-of-the-art, no-contact drive system, derived from Clearaudio’s no-compromise flagship Statement turntable; its flexibility and sound with 1, 2 or 3 Universal tonearms; its field upgradability from our Innovation Wood; as the “Understatement” fitted with the TT1-M1 tangential arm, Olympus stand, and Goldfinger Statement cartridge.

The Master Innovation’s magnetic drive system, derived from the Clearaudio Statement turntable, isolates the stylus in the groove with its no contact, multiple platter drive system.   The Drive or lowest platter is belt-driven by a low-noise, high-torque 3 speed DC motor controlled by Clearaudio’s Optical Speed Control (OSC) technology, which is a microscopic reflective strobe and infrared sensor that ensures incredible speed accuracy. The Drive platter magnetically couples to the Driven platter using a ring of magnets, one in the top of the Drive platter and the second ring in the bottom of the Driven platter. There is no actual contact between these 2 platters, creating enhanced isolation between the turntable motor and the stylus in the record groove. 

The Main platter, a dynamically balanced, precision-machined combination of a 70mm high density polymer and 15mm stainless steel flywheel, is connected to the Driven platter by a special diamond-coated version of Clearaudio’s patented Ceramic Magnetic Bearing (CMB). The entire Main platter/Driven platter assembly floats on air just above the lower Drive platter with no point of load to wear or generate friction and noise.

In addition to providing silent and frictionless drive, this system gives the Master Innovation Wood twice the flywheel mass of the renowned Clearaudio Innovation Wood turntable. The combination of the no-contact magnetic drive, frictionless Ceramic Magnetic Bearing, and Optical Speed Control guarantees incredible pitch stability and freedom from noise for extremely realistic musical reproduction.

The chassis super structure consists of 4 Tri-star plinths featuring solid Panzerholz (bulletproof wood) and aluminum sandwich construction with resonance-damping materials. Silver or black anodized aluminum parts with either clear lacquer Panzerholz, piano black lacquer, or special white and red lacquer finishes are available. Choose a matching color scheme for the TT1-MI tonearm and Olympus stand.

The Master Innovation can accommodate up to three pivoted tonearms, but more importantly, our ultimate TT1-MI linear tracker. In keeping with Clearaudio’s commitment to long-term customer satisfaction, Innovation Wood owners are able to field upgrade to the Master Innovation Wood.