“… tracks beautifully… the resolution, tone color, transients, soundstaging, and transparency. …added new layers of musical detail to my front-end setup…” - Jonathan Valin, The Absolute Sound USA

"I hope that vinyl fans get a chance to hear one sometime in their audiophile years. Your musical life will be enriched beyond measure. ...It’s a lifetime cartridge...Very highly recommended."  - Anthony Kershaw, Audiophilia Canada


Second only to our Goldfinger, the Titanium v2.1 combines our v2.1 symmetrical generator with our twelve-finger body design manufactured in Titanium. With a strength-to-density ratio which is the highest of any metallic element, we machine the 12 different radius fingered mounting plate and generator housing from Titanium.  Being both a non-magnetic and heat resistant alloy, it provides excellent shielding characteristics for revealing low level information.

The Titanium v2.1 benefits directly from the extremely stringent parts selection process of the Goldfinger.  Its mechanically, magnetically and electrically symmetrical v2.1 generator includes 24-karat pure gold air-core coils inside a ring of 8 super neodymium magnets. These super-matched parts are often culled from Goldfinger production and testing. We liken this how a world-class winery uses the grapes for both its top cuvee and its second label.

As with all Clearaudio MCs, it uses a solid boron rod cantilever with a clearaudio Prime Line stylus, assuring more accuracy to groove tracing and high frequency linearity.