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See some Frequently Asked Questions from the Musical Surroundings inbox.

How do I find a retailer?

You can find an authorized Clearaudio, Hana, DS Audio, and MS dealer with our find-a-retailer locator.

Who do I contact for warranty inquiries?

All warranty inquiries begin as qualifications. This is done through your authorized dealer who sold you the product. In most instances, your dealer may be able to fix/adjust the unit, assist with troubleshooting, or provide another solution for your inquiry.

If your dealer feels that your inquiry needs to escalate to a product evaluation, they will contact us on your behalf. Be sure that your dealer has your serial number, purchase invoice, warranty registration, and any pertinent details on hand.

Are manufacturer warranties transferable?

Second-hand purchases are not considered authorized and are not covered by the manufacturer or extended warranty.

Can I trade my broken Clearaudio or Hana cartridge towards a new Clearaudio or Hana cartridge?

Clearaudio and Hana both have generous trade-in/upgrade programs for returning & upgrading customers.
You can contact your authorized Clearaudio or Hana dealer to navigate the next cartridge investment for you.

Can my DS Audio cartridge be retipped, rebuilt, or upgraded?

DS Audio has a fantastic retipping, rebuilding, and upgrading program.
Please contact your DS Audio dealers to discuss the optical cartridge path that’s right for you.

Do I need to unplug my Musical Surroundings phono stage when not using it?

All Musical Surroundings phono stages are designed to remain plugged in at all times.

How do I know if my Fozgometer is calibrated?

All Fozgometers are calibrated at the factory prior to distribution.
Please see the following link if you would like to double-check your Fozgometer calibration:


Can a very low output cartridge run directly into a Fozgometer V2?

Any cartridge with <0.4mv output should run through the phono stage, into the Fozgometer.

Is it recommended that I demagnetize Clearaudio or Hana moving coil cartridges?

Musical Surroundings does not recommend any demagnetizing of any MS distributed cartridges.
This is considered a cartridge modification and can affect your warranty status.