“It is very well balanced, with excellent detail that emerges from silent backgrounds, exceptional pitch stability, and sweet extended highs…” – Editors’ Choice, The Absolute Sound USA 

“It’s beautifully made, pleasing on the eye and a pleasure to use… able to compete with the very best at the price when it comes to sound quality.” – What Hi-Fi? UK

“Clearaudio's innovative use of materials and well-executed design make it a joy to use, to see, and to hear. Highly recommended.” – Erick Lichte, Stereophile USA

OPTIONS: Black/Natural, Tracer Tonearm, MC Essence Cartridge


The Ovation is referred to as the “Sweet Spot” in the line as it incorporates the high-performance technology from the Clearaudio Innovation series of turntables. 

The Ovation’s main chassis consists of a complex sandwich of materials including heavy, machined aluminum plates compressing a core of bulletproof wood (Panzerholz). Within the precision-machined Panzerholz layer, Clearaudio has introduced an elaborate resonance-damping implementation with internal mass-loading tiles comprised of miniscule stainless-steel pellets. The high mass plinth uses three Innovation series locking/leveling aluminum cone feet to provide a stable foundation and acoustic isolation. 

The Ovation is Clearaudio's only traditionally dimensioned turntable to use both the powerful 24v DC motor and Clearaudio’s OSC (Optical Speed Control) technology, with an infrared sensor that continuously monitors an engraved strobe to ensure exact speed stability. The combination of both passive and active speed regulation is accomplished with a precision-machined aluminum sub-platter and 40mm POM (polyoxymethylene) platter with weighted rim, both of which are supported by Clearaudio’s patented CMB (Ceramic Magnetic Bearing). 

The Ovation comes fitted with either the Clearaudio Tracer tonearm providing exceptional value or with the Clearaudio Universal 9 tonearm for ultimate performance.  Interchangeable armboards accommodate a variety of other 9-inch tonearms including the AMG 9WT, SME, and Triplanar.