“The Clearaudio DC Performance Wood with the Tracer tonearm and Stradivari V2 cartridge package took the listening experience…to another level…and in many cases extracting and revealing information or details that I’d hadn’t previously heard.” – Julie Mullins, The Absolute Sound USA

“…the Tracer makes it clear it’s in a higher league…looks dazzling…the large orchestra has more air and scale…” – Matthias Böde, Stereo Germany

OPTIONS: Tracer Tonearm - Silver


The Tracer radial tonearm is the perfect match to our Performance DC, Performance DC Wood, Ovation, and Innovation series turntables. It may look beautifully minimalistic, but beneath its sleek design you’ll find a wealth of workmanship and smart details.

Drawing on bearing engineering from the finest watchmakers, it features a high-precision, low friction jeweled bearing, crafted from tungsten and sapphire. The precision bearing is 90 degrees to the angle of the cartridge offset, beneficial for more accurate tracking and stereo separation. The carbon fiber tonearm tube is both extremely rigid and very lightweight, giving a perfect combination of stability and agility. 

The magnetic anti-skating force is mechanically decoupled and adjustable by way of a simple dial. The aluminum headshell provides a large mounting surface for vibrational integrity and allows the azimuth to be easily fine-tuned for best channel separation. The counter-weight is underslung providing an optimal center of gravity and allowing fine adjustment of the tracking force.

The Tracer is available in a choice of silver carbon or black carbon with matching aluminum finish, making it both the visual and sonic match to our high-performance turntables.