“The Clearaudio Master Innovation and the Statement TT1-M1 are truly works of inspired engineering …” - Jonathan Valin, The Absolute Sound USA

“…the Clearaudio set a new standard of three-dimensional presence for analog play- back. Both Mulligan’s baritone sax and Webster’s tenor were simply there in the room with me…”- Jonathan Valin, The Absolute Sound USA



The Clearaudio TT-1 MI Tangential Tonearm is a special version of our Statement TT-1 tonearm designed for our Master Innovation, Innovation, and older Master Reference turntables. It elevates the sonic performance of those turntable to Statement class. The Clearaudio TT-1MI Tangential Tonearm represents the pinnacle of tangential tonearm technology where records are replayed as they were cut – in a straight movement with no curves, tracing the record groove without averaging the error as in a radial tonearm.

Clearaudio purchased Souther Engineering, the Boston-based manufacturer of the Tri-Quartz tangential tonearm in the 1908s because Peter Suchy was convinced that linear tracking tonearms would best realize his fully symmetrical MC patent. Over the next 15 years, Clearaudio improved this unique passive mechanical design that eschewed pumps and gears and the breakthrough came during the development of the Statement turntable and tonearm.

Prior to the Statement, Clearaudio linear tonearms used a tricyle carriage riding on 3 quartz rods (hence Tri-quartz) on a cantilevered structure made from acrylic and aluminum. Redesigning the carriage to 2 wheels and placing it inside a polished glass tube reduced friction while increasing point-of-contact pressure, increasing trackability, especially with a cartridge as heavy as the Goldfinger Statement.

Constructed in a similar fashion to the Master Innovation turntable using heavy pillars, Panzerholz, and aluminum damping plates, the rigid superstructure of the TT-MI solidly holds the glass tube, reducing vibrational energy. An ingenious track system was developed, accurately sliding the TT-MI  superstucture into play position and magnetically locking into place.