DS Audio Grand Master cartridge - "A Grand Masterpiece that well deserves TAS’ 2023 Cartridge of the Year Award.” Hana Umami Blue cartridge - “With the Blue, Hana has set another baseline of performance-for-cost, even against competitors in the upper four-digit range.”
"The DS Audio ES-001 Eccentricity Detection Stabilizer IS ONE OF THE MOST AMAZING LP ACCESSORIES I’VE EVER RUN ACROSS! I would NEVER have believed how much impact it can have if I hadn’t heard it! Simply a superb accessory, bordering on a necessory, especially if you have an exceptional analog front end… WOW!"
"...Hana Umami Red is a brilliant, shimmering star in today's moving coil cartridge universe. Most enthusiastically recommended."
“…solid “A” rating. The Ovation simply blew the tonearm off a Technics SL-1200G, when the direct drive table sounded significantly inferior.” - Jerry Seigel, 10audio.com
"...I think the sonic improvements justify the price as this seems less like production refinements and more like an evolutionary leap."
The DS Audio Grand Master Extreme makes the front cover of Hi-Fi News in the UK.