"The Umami Red seems to get the maximum possible performance from the Phonomena III preamplifier. Vocal clarity is near reference quality. Together, they offer all-around excellent performance."
Room 709: It is no coincidence that two of my favorite people in this game were involved with this room. The two had put together an incredibly impressive LP playback system sure to impress all who took the time to stop by.
“The midrange bandwidth is practically blustering with life, offering fertile detail and saturated with authentic textures, harmonic bloom, and a purity of tone that is disarming."
"I am very impressed by this high value design with its trickle down technology and gorgeous performance. It tracks anything and produces gorgeous full-bodied sound. The Blue, my favorite color by the way, is fully integrated from top to bottom with prodigious dynamic range."
"Excel Sound Corporation has created another superb-sounding cartridge with the Hana Umami Blue. One listen to a well set-up Blue will give you another slightly different, mouthwateringly delightful taste of Umami. Lightning did, indeed, strike again and this time, it’s blue"
“The Hana Umami Blue brings that high end cartridge ‘wow’ factor at a stunning, attainable price. It looks great and it sounds great. If it were any more Umami, you’d probably want to eat it!” — Alan Sircom, hifi+ Magazine (2023 Awards Issue)