"...The DS-W3 is one of those cartridges that makes you want to dig through your records, asking yourself, "How is that one going to sound?" It has an extraordinary ability to pull new music and life out of old grooves"
"Clearaudio sure has a notable signature style when it comes to their high-end turntables, and they’ve just announced a special edition of their Concept Signature table — redubbed more simply as the Clearaudio Signature turntable —"
"...It’s as close as you’re going to come to a mastertape-like presentation for anything near its price." - Jon Valin, The Absolute Sound
DS Audio importer Musical Surroundings today announced the debut at next week's Florida Audio Expo of the new "Master 3" set featuring the new Master 3 optical cartridge ($9500) featuring a Microridge stylus bonded to a unique square-section diamond cantilever. The new $18,000 Master 3 equalizer is a 50+ pound single-box version of the Grand Master EQ featuring both single-ended RCA and balanced XLR outputs.
Tom Martin reviews the DS Audio 003 Cartridge and Phonostage System. He talks its competitive price point, the nature of optical cartridges, and why the 003 is his current favorite cartridge.
“Every range has its sweet spot, and the Master 3 is certainly that for DS Audio – …” “…one of the best-sounding cartridges money can buy.”