“…SL Mono delivered those old-school alnico pleasures I cherish: naturally supple viscosity and glowing vivid tone. In addition, : "black" background quiet, seductively rendered top octaves, and exquisite inner detail. – Herb Reichert, Stereophile USA 

 “…the midrange was alive, beautiful, big, and colorful…very musical and quite a bargain.” – Jack RobertsThe Audio Beatnik USA 

Listening to mono vinyl with a mono cartridge remains one of the little known joys of hi-fi. The Hana SLM helps to shine a valuable light on this still undervalued format. –  Paul Rigby, The Audiophile Man  UK 


Mono records pre-dated stereo LPs and then existed side-by-side through most of the 1960s. The Hana SL Mono represents the most musical and affordable means to enjoy both the classic records of that era as well as today’s mono re-issues. Embodying the highly acclaimed sound of the Hana SL, the SL Mono, with its special generator and Shibata stylus, optimizes playback of mono LPs. Whether mounted to a second tonearm, Universal headshell, or dedicated mono turntable, the SL Mono lets you get the most from Basie, Ellington, Beatles, Hendrix, the Stones, and all great mono recordings.