The Hana-SL gives a really sophisticated performance, which is very involving and refined.” –  NR, Hi Fi Choice UK 

The Hana-SL is strongly being considered as an addition to my choices of moving-coil cartridges to use for ’table/’arm evaluations and—more importantly—musical enjoyment. Yes, it’s that good. – Andre Jennings, The Absolute Sound USA

It's a truly remarkable playback experience; records of every genre are rendered with a new fidelity that just defies belief, especially at the modest price point.  – Tom GibbsPositive Feedback Online USA 


The Hana SL is the most reviewed and awarded Hana cartridge to date. It is distinguished by its black body and a Shibata stylus expertly mounted to its aluminum cantilever. The Hana SL features tighter channel balance, greater channel separation, and improved high-frequency extension. 

“A first-class MC cartridge” – STEREO (Germany)  

“Remarkably smooth frequency response…terrific value for the money.” – HiFi World (UK) 

“In the same class as a cartridge costing 10x the price.” – TNT Audio (France) 

Stereophile Recommended Component  USA 

The Absolute Sound USA Golden Ear Award 2017

Rocky Mountain International HiFi Press Award winner  2018 and 2019