"Highly musical…records were effortlessly engaging.” – Herb Reichert, Stereophile USA 

“The Hana EL is truly a remarkable cartridge…the magnificence of a great cartridge like the Hana EL simply has to be heard…” – Tom Gibbs, Positive Feedback Online USA 

“a very solid performer, giving music a very pleasingly rhythmic, energetic and cohesive flavour.” – Andrew Baker, Witchdoctor New Zealand



The Hana EL provides high-end musical performance from a low-output moving coil cartridge at an extremely attractive price. Handmade in Japan, the EL uses ALNICO magnets and affords the listener the textural, imaging, and musically involving qualities associated with the best MC cartridges.

Long prized by audiophiles and music lovers, affordable low output MCs such as the EL are a perfect match to today’s generation of high-gain phono stages.