“The resulting sonic improvements are immediate, obvious and quite astounding in some cases…Strongly recommended.” - Bing R Tsai, Taiwan Audio Magazine

“I can report with complete confidence that the Vinyl Ionizer ION-001 is without a doubt the most effective anti-static device I have ever used. My vinyl playback has never sounded quieter, more revealing, and more enjoyable.” - Michael Corsentino, Positive Feedback



The DS ION-001 Ionizer improves both the sound and longevity of your record collection. Vinyl records retain a static charge by nature, created by the friction of the stylus tracking the record groove. In addition, the simple act of handling and removing your LPs from their jacket and inner sleeve can create an additional static charge. A statically charged LP with attract and retain surface dust, creating masking effects through interaction with the playback system. While there have been many products for removing static from Vinyl LPs including brushes, static guns, and record demagnetizers, none have proven as effective or easy to use as the ION-001.

The ION-001 uses powerful positive and negative ion fields to effectively neutralize and remove static electricity from your vinyl LPs as you listen to your records. Simply position the ION-001 close to your turntable platter using the supplied template. With a total of 4 ionizers in the ION-001, 2 each for positive and negative ions, the record is immersed during play. Our fan less design allows for silent operation for continuous use during play, further reducing the static charge. Our specially designed power supply controller suppresses the generation of excess ozone to less than 0.01 PPM, preventing unwanted oxidation. 

On the rear of the ION-001 the light adjustment knob adjusts the intensity of the green lights illuminating the actual Ion generators. It can be used to both verify operation and for aesthetic purposes, also allowing the lights off operation while still generating the Ion stream. The Ionizer elements have a 10,000 hour lifetime, providing an estimated effectiveness of 10 years based on 3 hours per day of vinyl enjoyment.