“For now, the DS Audio DS 002 is the best cartridge I have heard for under $10,000. In fact, with it’s included phono stage for $5,500.” Jack Roberts, The Audio Beatnik USA

“Top 5 most significant analog introductions at CES 2017” - Julie Mullins, The Absolute Sound USA


The DS 002 phono stage, ideal for the 002 cartridge and an upgrade for the E1 cartridge, is a fully discrete single-ended design featuring multiple outputs. When designing the DS 002, we carefully evaluated each component of the phono stage. The audio circuit is hand-assembled with point-to-point wiring. An updated power supply is a key part in the new design. To ensure a high-quality power source for the phono stage, ten 33000μF capacitors are used, providing effortless power for the highest level of sound quality. 

For outstanding signal-to-noise performance, we have incorporated a special shielding structure in the phono stage design of the DS 002. This shield both isolates internal noise from the power supply while also blocking external RF and other environmental noise. The shield is 1.5mm thick and covers the entire transformer, which ensures the best signal-to-noise performance of the DS 002 phono stage.