"This system's strengths were lifelike pulse and energy, and kick-butt dynamics. This was one of the finest PRaT systems at CAF 2023." Ken Micallef, Stereophile
Let’s talk about what is in this system: a Clearaudio Concept AIR ($2,800 USD) turntable outfitted with the Hana Umami Blue ($2,500 USD) cartridge from Japan, handing off to a Musical Surroundings Nova III ($1,500 USD) phonostage,
Quintessence Audio Proclaims Connection: Sonus Faber, Boulder, Clearaudio, DS Audio, dCS, Transparent, and Critical Mass Systems.
This system absolutely blew me away. Assembled by a team that included Quick, Sells, Clearaudio’s Robert Suchy, and Wilson Audio’s Peter McGrath and Bill Peugh, this system revealed subtle shifts in timbre, dynamics, and expressive nuance on some of my prized SACDs that I had never heard on any other system, regardless of price.