Optical Phono Cartridges – The Future of Analog 

“DS Audio with its young director Tetsuaki Aoyagi has redefined what we know about music reproduced from a vinyl LP. Aki has developed a line of optical phono cartridges and dedicated phono stages that are 100% pure analog.” Ken Redmond, The Audio Beatnik USA



DS Audio modernized optical phono cartridges with matching equalizer/phono stages, creating the future of analog music from vinyl records. They are a division of Digital Stream Corporation, an innovator in the laser optics market for over 25 years, and co-developer of the optical mouse with Microsoft. Using their expertise in optics combined with modern technology, their engineers have perfected the optical phono cartridge. This 100% pure analog system uses a stylus and cantilever to trace the record groove which then modulates light to create the musical signal. There are no lasers used or any digital technology. Immersed in the high-end audio space, DS Audio offers a complete line of optical phono cartridges and matching phono stages as well as cutting-edge accessories. 

The Optical Advantage 

Advantages of DS optical cartridges include reducing noise by requiring less RIAA equalization and amplification than MM and MC cartridges. By eliminating magnets and coils, mass is lowered beyond that of the lowest output MC cartridges, allowing optimal traceability. Since magnets don’t exist in an optical cartridge, the magnetically induced distortions typical of MM or MC cartridges do not exist.

DS Audio offers a complete range, starting at the E1 entry-level system, to the Grand Master 1 flagship system. All DS Audio optical cartridges achieve optimal performance with DS Audio’s phono stages. Sold as a set, they can be mixed and matched giving the listener the ultimate in flexibility and a true upgrade path, because they all incorporate DS Audio’s unique technology.