A new analog extreme


Grand Master Extreme

The DS Audio Grand Master Extreme uses a 0.22mm square one-piece diamond cantilever with an integral Micro ridge stylus tip made from a single diamond. This more accurately transmits the groove modulation to the 3rd generation optical generator than the traditional bonded cantilever and stylus. 

First Grand Master Extreme customer review.

"DS Audio Grand Master optical cartridge has been my number 1 cartridge for some time. It has a smooth sound and provides a lot of details, The bass is firm and defined. Although there are a few other good MC cartridges that I use, the time I spend with Grand Master is always the longest. DS Audio produces a better version of it called Grand Master Extreme. The main difference is the one-piece diamond cantilever and stylus. Without a glued joint between the cantilever and the stylus, the transmission of the signal from the record groove to the cartridge motor is enhanced. The result should be better.

I received my Grand Master Extreme today, mounted it up, and listened. Playing the same piece of music using Grand Master before switching to Grand Master Extreme, the difference is obvious. The GM Extreme has a much higher resolution. Everything is just more clear. The basic sonic presentation is the same as GM but GM Extreme shows a better picture, imaging is improved, and all aspects that I like about the GM were even better. It is amusing. Anyone using Grand Master now will have no other choice but to upgrade to GM Extreme. It is really good."

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