Originally introduced in 2010, the Fozgometer optimizes phono-cartridge azimuth for the best sound from your hi-fi system.
We are proud to announce Clearaudio Concept, Performance DC Wood, Ovation, Innovation Wood, and the Master Innovation turntables all received 2022 Editors Choice Awards from The Absolute Sound.
For the first time since 1996, both CDs and vinyl records experienced revenue growth in the same year. The resurgence in vinyl records continued for the 15th consecutive year, as revenues grew 61% to $1.0 billion in 2021. The last time vinyl records exceeded $1 billion was in 1986
In a show of support for the Ukrainian people and in condemnation of Vladimir Putin’s aggression and warmongering, Musical Surroundings has suspended sales of Anna Netrebko vinyl album re-issues in the US.
"I’ll just conclude by writing that if you own a Hana ML and wondering if dropping 3X the ML’s pricetag gives you 3X the sonic glory, the answer is a qualified yes..." - M. Fremer
The DS Audio Grand Master optical cartridge system is awarded "2021 Technology Breakthrough of the Year" by the Absolute Sound.