"What do you get for one-tenth the money? Well…just about everything that makes the Grand Master the benchmark that it is...This is just a marvelous transducer. It will certainly be my nominee for TAS Phono Cartridge of the Year.” - Jon Valin, The Absolute Sound
"—an LP lover could not put $6000 to better use than by purchasing an ES-001. It is a stroke of genius (and, quite appropriately, one of 2022’s TAS Products of the Year).” - Jon Valin, The Absolute Sound
"... Records surrendered their secrets, their inner lives, their time-secured, soul-charged beauty. "I didn't just hear more music; I heard more life force, a deeper recorded experience."
DS Audio optical cartridges and equalizers are featured in 8 different exhibits at Capital Audio Fest 2022.
Garth Leerer of Musical Surroundings demonstrates the DS Audio ES-001 Eccentricity Detection Stabilizer.
"...It is simple and quick to use, and it helps remedy a critical record-centering problem..."