The Fozgometer V2 is here!

The new model features a more sensitive meter for precise measurements, an easier-to-read display, and the option to use an outboard power supply, as well as a 9v battery. 

The Fozgometer V2 retails for $400 USD. 

Click here to find your local retailer or email us for more information. 

The DS Audio Grand Master optical cartridge system is awarded "2021 Technology Breakthrough of the Year" by the Absolute Sound.
Threading the sonic needle nearly perfectly, the Umami Red is, as noted, exceptionally balanced, with upper-tier dynamics, instrumental separation, soundstaging, and realism. If this cartridge is set up properly in a capable system on a quality tonearm and phonostage, many listeners will surrender to its allure.
“The (Nova) III is (Mike Yee’s) best yet, and as with previous models, able to compete far above what its price ($1,500) might suggest…Recommended without reservation” Paul Seydor, December 2021