In reviewing the Clearaudio Reference Jubilee, Ken Micallef noted that it didn't sound at all like his Kuzma rig, with its big soundstage, ample weight, and good drive. Instead, the Clearaudio "sounded like nothing ever heard here in my urban listening salon."

"The Reference Jubilee's sound combined vivid detail retrieval, forceful dynamics, a delicate, refined top end, and a translucent midrange. Levels of resolution, clarity, transparency, and trueness-to-source left me vinyl-shocked and thinking, 'So that's what's on this recording.' ... Records surrendered their secrets, their inner lives, their time-secured, soul-charged beauty."

"I didn't just hear more music; I heard more life force, a deeper recorded experience."

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"—an LP lover could not put $6000 to better use than by purchasing an ES-001. It is a stroke of genius (and, quite appropriately, one of 2022’s TAS Products of the Year).” - Jon Valin, The Absolute Sound
"What do you get for one-tenth the money? Well…just about everything that makes the Grand Master the benchmark that it is...This is just a marvelous transducer. It will certainly be my nominee for TAS Phono Cartridge of the Year.” - Jon Valin, The Absolute Sound
DS Audio optical cartridges and equalizers are featured in 8 different exhibits at Capital Audio Fest 2022.