Introducing the new Master 3 optical phono cartridge system from DS Audio –The worthy successor to the DS Master 1. This new model boasts an ultra-low-mass generator with DS Audio's current 3rd gen dual-mono beryllium shading plate, resulting in a 50% improvement in mass reduction. The cantilever is made from a square pillar diamond and is fitted with Micro Ridge diamond stylus. The Master 3 electronics have been completely revamped and are now housed in the attractive 3rd gen DS Audio chassis. 

The DS Audio Master 3 optical phono system is shipping soon. Contact your DS Audio dealer to schedule a demo or for more information,

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Experience one of the rarest turntables in the world. Join us Saturday, April 29th in Seattle for an open house that will be both a celebration and an exploration of the masters of turntable design. Featuring the best from manufacturers like Linn, Clearaudio, TechDAS, MoFi, Rega, and DS Audio.
New Grand Master EX cartridge $22,500 The Grand Master Extreme uses a 0.22mm square one-piece diamond cantilever with an integral Micro ridge stylus tip made from a single diamond.
AXPONA 2023: Garth Leerer, Ken Bowers, and Erik Smith from Musical Surroundings will be at AXPONA this year along with Robert Suchy and Stefan Kmuch from Clearaudio and Tetsuaki Aoyagi of DS Audio. See you there!