"I could go on and on, and will in a follow-up review. But for now I can say that the results from the beginning and over time with the DS Master 1 have been nothing less than absolutely breathtaking."
"... I think it is important to view it in the same context as a new component or cartridge. The impact it has on your analog front end will be much the same. The Vinyl Ionizer ION-001 represents an overall system enhancement for anyone spinning vinyl, one that will make everything from your records to your cartridge sound considerably quieter and more revealing."
"The Master Innovation is much more than just a heavy-duty turntable, it is a marvel of modern day technology." - Constantine Soo
"In any case, believe the hype about Hana. Yes, they make extraordinary cartridges that are very affordable..." Marc Phillips
"The DS Audio ST-50 Stylus Cleaner gives you the opportunity to own “the best” in the world of high-end audio." Ken Redmond