“I consider the Phonomena II+ with Linear Power Supply to be my new reference phono preamp setup, regardless of price.“ - Tom Gibbs, Positive Feedback Online USA

“I was surprised by how solid and heavy the bass extension is. The bloom when I listened to upright basses was stunning, especially the decay. But not only does it have good decay, but it is also very quick.“ Jack Roberts, The Audio Beatnik USA

“With its standard wall-wart power supply "sweet, natural, rhythmic, and dead quiet." When used with optional Linear Charging Power Supply "my new reference phono stage." Herb Reichert, Stereophile USA

OPTIONS: Musical Surroundings PIII Black


As of 2/1/2023 the Phonomena II+ has been DISCONTINUED and is being replaced with the Phonomena III

The Phonomena II+ is the successor to our most affordable phono preamplifier series, introduced in the 1990s. The Phonomena II+ features an improved chassis design, based on our more expensive Nova III, and is available in both black and silver finish. Boasting a new circuit board layout, the Phonomena II+ delivers discrete dual-mono signal paths, affording the listener more vibrant and dynamic music reproduction with a “blacker” background. Expertly made, inside and out, the Phonomena II+’s small footprint optimizes signal path integrity, while its black or silver finish options are sure to match the rest of your components.

The Phonomena II+ is proudly Made in the USA and provides phenomenal sound and flexibility at an affordable price. You can enjoy a greater sonic performance by adding the Linear Charging Power Supply.