“Built like a tank and easy to use, this is a high-quality record cleaner.” Jonathan Valin, Editors’ Choice Award The Absolute Sound USA

“Not only is cleaning time cut roughly in half, but the chance (or should I say, the certainty) of cross contamination when you flip the clean side onto the dirty platter is eliminated! There didn’t seem to be an answer to this conundrum until the Double Matrix came along.” Jonathan Valin,  The Absolute Sound USA

OPTIONS: Double Matrix Pro Sonic


Keeping vinyl records clean is key to maintaining a high quality record collection and getting the best sound. Clearaudio’s research and development team continues to create advanced equipment for the job. They developed their first double-sided record cleaning machine over 14 years ago. The new Double Matrix Professional Sonic is their best solution to date.

The advantages of a double-sided record cleaning machine include time savings and protecting the cleaned record side from being in contact with a dirty surface. With both automatic and manual modes, the Double Matrix Professional Sonic allows you to run the entire cleaning cycle at the touch of a button, or you can manually control each step of the process via the user-friendly controls. Automatic cleaning is available in 3 programs: normal, 2x mode for records requiring extra maintenance, and Eco for light cleaning. Wash and vacuum cycles are bi-directional and you can control both platter direction and speed. An anti-static brush prevents static build-up on your just cleaned discs and can be used anytime for dry cleaning and anti-static treatment.

Clearaudio has created a new articulating washing/vacuuming system that incorporates sonic vibrations to better deep scrub the record groove. These cleaning applicators automatically adapt to different thickness records, assuring better performance and ease of use. Clearaudio’s R&D team has learned that this approach performs a more thorough job of cleaning without risking damage to the vinyl record, versus ultrasonic cleaners commonly used to clean hard materials such as jewelry and glass. The sonically articulating cleaning pads can be easily removed for washing as well as replacing the micro-felt strips.

Made from high quality heavy-duty materials, the Double Matrix Professional Sonic is designed for continuous operation. An LED “light ladder” indicates the cleaning fluid level in the internal reservoir, and as an additional precaution, the vacuum turbine features overheating protection. Its attractive and rugged casework looks at home with your audio system and reduces ambient noise levels. A dustcover is available. Now you can clean an entire record collection with a machine that is incredibly easy to use and looks great.