Refined Taste – Since its debut in 2016, the Japanese brand Hana has quickly become a gourmet tip among connoisseurs of analog technology. Now, they are presenting their new high-end MC cartridge Umami Red for a taste-test.
"...if you value sonic purity, supple textures, commanding bass reach, and impressive dynamic scaling, the DS-E1 will almost certainly tickle your fancy. " - Maurice Jeffries,
"The Master1 cartridge and Master1 equalizer are simply outstanding components, setting new benchmarks for vinyl playback in several areas (mechanical silence, neutral voicing, and midrange-to-midbass realism)."
”It’s a great cartridge that shows us the new world of analog.”
“The Umami Red is that rare jewel in phono cartridges; a design that gives you the sort of detail and precision of sound that presents whatever music you put on the platter with a laser-guided focus on the music itself, and musical grace and passion.” - Alan Sircom, Hifi+ Magazine UK
The singer, whose musical audiobook ’Road Trip Elegies’ centers on recorded conversations with his therapist, talks treadmills, turntables and why he prefers (a lot of) wired headphones.