"In any case, believe the hype about Hana. Yes, they make extraordinary cartridges that are very affordable..." Marc Phillips
"The DS Audio ST-50 Stylus Cleaner gives you the opportunity to own “the best” in the world of high-end audio." Ken Redmond
"At $2,750.00 for the cartridge AND the DS Audio Phono Stage/Equalizer, I simply cannot think of anything that is close. It is my new Audio Waypoint and a game-changer for me personally." - Ken Redmond, The Audio Beatnik
"...the sound produced by the Hana ML is exceptionally fine and clearly leaps ahead of the SL, which as I remember it was “really good”. The ML is remarkable."
The entry to high-end analog, the Clearaudio Concept is now available in a Dark Wood version that adds a solid baltic-birch ply plinth with dark stain and the Satisfy Black tonearm.