"...It is simple and quick to use, and it helps remedy a critical record-centering problem..."
"Using the device (as you'll see) is actually a form of analog "fun". "It really works! Watch." - Michael Fremer, TrackingAngle.com
"Today, the Hana SL continues to impress in system configurations that include higher-cost analog front ends. At its price point, it is still a standout."
"Naturalistic and detailed, Charisma offers up classic midrange bloom and image stability, plus a full palette of tonal colors, dynamic electricity, and top-end sweetness" - Neil Gader, The Absolute Sound
"DS Audio 003 Optical Phono Cartridge and EQ Unit The new 003 brings the wonders of optical transducers to an accessible price," says Jonathan Valin.
"I hereby proclaim the DS 003 to be an astonishing value. I’ve had a couple of pieces of extremely expensive analog equipment in my system and really, I haven’t heard any of them top the sound quality of the DS 003 System."