“It does not happen often that it makes me speechless.  But what the DS Audio DS-W2 gets out of a record really mocks any description.” - Audiomagazine Germany

“I have never reviewed a product that has invoked as dramatic an experience as the DS Audio DS-W2… It is an innovative and unique product that deserves my recommendation. Highly recommended!” - Richard A. Mak, Mono & Stereo 


The DS W2 phono stage, based on the Master 1 design, is our more affordable full size phono stage featuring both RCA and XLR outputs. The discrete audio circuit is hand-assembled featuring point-to-point wiring. This “massive black box” houses 12 large storage capacitors, each with 56,000µF capacity, more than typically found in a phono stage. They are connected via a large copper bus bar, ensuring maximum power transfer and shielding the power transformer to reveal more level detail.

The DS W2 phono stage features multiple RCA and XLR outputs, providing two independent low-frequency cut-off points.