"It took a long time to find a cleaner that beat our VPI, and justified its more expensive price.  Well, the Smart Matrix is SMART indeed!  Better suction power than a VPI, a bit quieter, and much better fit and finish all the way around convinced us to go with this outstanding German-engineered product." - Terry Combs, Sound Mind Audio USA


Everybody recognizes the importance of cleaning vinyl records. For those who prefer a multiple fluid cleaning process or owning a German-made affordable cleaner, the Smart Matrix Professional is the machine of choice.

Clearaudio’s Smart Matrix Professional record cleaner uses a new rigid and damped cabinet, significantly reducing ambient noise during operation of the powerful vacuum system. An improved polymer-based platter has a soft, non-reactive surface to protect precious vinyl records. The Smart Matrix Professional comes standard with a center locking clamp. Bi-directional rotation and a precision manufactured self-adjusting vacuum tube provide the most effective and efficient cleaning of the record grooves. Liquid application and scrubbing are assisted by a Clearaudio Pure Groove applicator/scrubber (included). 

The Smart Matrix Professional comes with an acrylic dustcover. Built at the Clearaudio factory in Germany, the Smart Matrix Professional is an exceptional record cleaning machine for the vinyl enthusiast.