"I was stunned. Our hobby has been blessed with some beautifully made tonearms, …none surpasses the 9W2 in sheer build quality." - Art Dudley, Stereophile USA, Class A Recommended Component

“… because when this 'arm is good, it’s very, very good indeed -- and it stays that way too. Unlike some tonearms, the AMG 9W2 holds its settings long-term…I simply dropped the 'arm back into place and the deck was singing, straight from the off, which impressed the hell out of me.” Roy Gregory, The Audio Beat USA



Based on the award winning AMG 12J2 12” tonearm, the 9W2 9” tonearm use a scaled version of AMG’s patented dual-pivot bearing. The vertical bearing, similar to a technique used in helicopter rotors, utilizes 2 steel wires that allow fine azimuth adjustment while eliminating bearing play. The horizontal axle is a hardened tool steel shaft, precision ground to a backlash-free fit with both a lower needle roller bearing and an upper multi-ball bearing assembly. The aircraft grade aluminum armwand is anodized for resonance control. 

Identical to the 12J2, the 9” tonearm’s internal wiring is multiple stranded high-purity copper, and features magnetic anti-skate and precision locking VTA adjustment. The 9W2, with a pivot to spindle distance of 211mm, is part of our Giro G9 turntable system and is an ideal upgrade tonearm for the Linn LP-12 turntable. The 9W1 version features a 222mm pivot-to-spindle distance for use on turntables that use this mounting geometry including Clearaudio, Rega, Graham, and SME.